Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rooting for a fellow stroke survivor

There have been quite a few stories, leading up to the Super Bowl set for this Sunday, about New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi. Click here for an Associated Press story; here for an article.

He and I have a few things in common. In February 2005, Bruschi suffered a stroke, likely brought upon by a patent foramen ovale, a hole between the two upper chambers of the heart. It's a common heart defect that can, in some circumstances, allow blood clots circumvent the lung's natural filtering system -- a recipe for a stroke.

My similar history is recounted here, here, here and here.

He works with the American Stroke Association to help raise stroke awareness and raise funds for this important organization, and he and recently finished a book, "Never Give Up: My Stroke, My Recovery & My Return to the NFL." Like myself, he's interested in running, and for those living in the Boston area, there's an opportunity to join his team to run marathons or half-marathons to raise money for the Stroke Association.

So for this Super Bowl, here in the Midwest Tundra, I'll be rooting for the Patriots. We stroke survivors need to stick together.