Thursday, March 08, 2018

Everywhere in the world, time is critical for stroke care

It's not just in the United States where stroke patients aren't getting to the emergency department in time. Check out the story from Ireland how over 60pc of stroke patients not arriving on time:
More than 60pc of people who suffer a stroke are not making it to hospital emergency departments in the ideal time frame, specialists warned yesterday.
The success of acute treatment of stroke is extremely time-dependent, the Oireachtas Health Committee was told.
The doctors called for a relaunch of the Act-FAST campaign, which raised awareness among the public about being aware of the symptoms of a stroke.
Prof Rónán Collins, Dr Diarmuid O'Shea and Prof Ken McDonald were appearing before the committee.
The doctors said that a "third to a half of all strokes may be prevented through lifestyle change, management of blood pressure and identification of an irregular heart rhythm".
A "nationwide approach to cardiovascular disease prevention is needed", they said.
Admission to a stroke unit is the foundation of all stroke care and reduces death and disability by 25pc.
"To achieve optimum patient outcomes, all acute stroke patients should be managed in an acute stroke unit," they said.
(Photo from leppre via Flickr)