Thursday, January 19, 2006

Finding inspiration around you

Stroke survivor Dick Clark's New Year's Eve appearance on television was, no question, admirable. While, according to USA Today, it revealed some societal uneasiness with stroke victims, Clark also gave some inspiration to stroke survivors and families.

That being said, there's someone closer to home who gives me inspiration. I'll call him L. If he reads this, he'll know who I'm talking about. L, an elderly man, had a stroke a few years ago and serves as an inspiration to many.

He knows what it means to struggle, and he knows he'll have health difficulties in the future. He doesn't sugarcoat that. But to hear L talk about his life experiences and his unshakeable faith gives a boost to my own faith.

So by all means, admire an appropriate public figure like Clark who gives needed attention to stroke survivors. But better yet, find your own L, someone you can connect with personally, and let his or her faith strengthen your own. Then go out and be an L to someone else. That's one of my own goals.

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