Thursday, July 17, 2008

Law sets up guidelines for stroke care

Good news for fellow Missourians. As reported in the Springfield News-Leader, a bill was signed into law setting up guidelines for stroke care. From the newspaper:

Stroke and heart attack patients across Missouri could soon get the right intervention faster, and in the right setting, boosting their chances of survival.

Gov. Matt Blunt on Friday (July 11) signed legislation creating a 'Time Critical Diagnosis System' for stroke and a fatal type of heart attack called ST-elevation myocardial infarction, or STEMI.

Missouri is the first state in the nation to enact legislation calling for guidelines for designating stroke and STEMI centers, a Blunt news release said.

"The sooner we treat people, the better they do," said CoxHealth Dr. Scott Duff. He was among CoxHealth and St. John's Hospital doctors and staff who helped develop the legislation.

The idea is to get stroke or heart attack victims into a setting that gives them the best chances of recovery.


jflewelling said...

Jeff, I am a stroke nurse and community educator in Houston Texas. I became aware of your blog, not through my job, but because of one of my graduate classes on Development of Web 2.0 Resources In Education. I am just waking up to the vast expanse of on-line material available for community education, and your site is a terrific example of quality, accurate and current stroke information. I am just sorry to see so few comments responding to your site. Please don't give up (not that I see evidence that you are giving up)in spite of scant feedback. You have at least one fan here, and I am recommending your site as part of my patient and community outreach. Keep up the good work, and God Bless.

Jeff Porter said...

Thanks for your kind words - I do plan to keep on posting. It has provided at least a small amount of help to at least a few people, and if it truly helps just one person, then it's worth it! I admire professionals like you who help stroke survivors. I know that God blessed me with several people who helped me through my own recovery. If I can be of any to you assistance, you can e-mail directly at