Wednesday, July 15, 2009

'Listen and hear my voice'

Listen and hear my voice; pay attention and hear what I say.

You can find several postings on this blog related to aphasia - a term that is rarely understood. That is, until it happens to you or to someone you love. It's common among stroke survivors.

I missed the fact that June was National Aphasia Awareness Month until one of my trusty Google alerts send me a posting, including the Scripture above, from a Lutheran church in Pennsylvania. It did some basic education about aphasia, quoting the National Aphasia Association:

Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder that impairs a person’s ability to process language, but does not affect intelligence. Aphasia impairs the ability to speak and understand others, and most people with aphasia experience difficulty reading and writing.

The most common cause of aphasia is stroke (about 25-40% of stroke survivors acquire aphasia). It can also result from head injury, brain tumor or other neurological causes. Aphasia affects about one million Americans or 1 in 250 people. While aphasia is most common among older people, it can occur in people of all ages.

(Image from WikiMedia Commons)

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