Thursday, October 29, 2009

World Stroke Day - a prayer

A late note about a day that should be more recognized: World Stroke Day. From the New Zealand Stroke Foundation:
Stroke is the second largest cause of death in the developed world, as it is in New Zealand. On World Stroke Day (29 October) the NZ Stroke Foundation is calling on New Zealanders to attend to their risk of stroke.

"The simple fact is that the majority of strokes are preventable," says Stroke Foundation CEO Mark Vivian. "Making simple lifestyle changes can help prevent stroke.

"Eating a healthy diet with reduced salt, having regular physical activity, not drinking too much alcohol and being smokefree will reduce your risk of stroke. And very importantly, make sure you keep your blood pressure down."
A prayer that people become more aware of stroke prevention efforts, and signs and symptoms.

(Image from Stroke, the journal of the American Stroke Association)

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