Friday, November 05, 2010

Be sure to schedule your stroke carefully...

Kind if a sad story - from the recent World Stroke Day - about a civilized country that only offers one particular type of stroke treatment during business hours only. So if you plan to have a stroke in Wales, be sure to have it during weekdays, 9 to 5.

'Faster care' for stroke victims across health boards:

About 11,500 people in Wales suffer a stroke or TIA each year and medical professionals say quick treatment means a better outcome and recovery for the patient. Approximately 11% of all deaths in the UK are caused by strokes.

Under the plans, access to a clot-busting drug, thrombolysis, currently offered only during weekday office hours will be expanded to 24 hours a day, every day, across all of Wales by 2011.

The drug is given to patients who suffer certain types of stroke and can limit the long term brain damage. However, to be effective it has to be carried out within three hours of the stroke happening.

Announced on World Stroke Awareness Day, health boards will from next year will offer "specialist assessment, preventative treatment and lifestyle advice in a single hospital visit."

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