Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Word of the day: aphasia

The truth is you don't hear the word "aphasia" in the newspaper or in the news or in everyday conversation. This is unfortunate.

Sadly, this Aphasia Support Group blog has it just right. People generally don't know what it means or how it can - in an instant - wreak havoc for a stroke survivor.

I became intimately familiar with aphasia in 1998, when a stroke nearly killed me. I could hardly read for a time. Writing coherently was very, very difficulty. I struggled mightily to find the right words and put them in the right order.

Now, aphasia is a more subtle part of my life, but remains, especially with speech, and especially when I'm tired, stressed or distracted.

My recovery was, in great part, to a speech therapy who patiently worked with me. These professionals can make a world of difference in many lives. If you or someone you know has struggled - or still struggles - with post-stroke aphasia, help make the rest of the world become more aware.

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