Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Speed and skill - a stroke-fighting combination

A great story - and a reminder that quick response can make a huge difference for stroke patients - comes form Oregon, where a man's quick-acting wife and skilled doctors affected his recovery. Here's a snipped, but you should read the whole thing:
Around 7:15 a.m., 75 minutes after the first stroke symptoms, tPA began dripping into a vein in Steve's right arm. Within 15 minutes, his "word salad" disappeared. He could speak clearly.
As the intravenous drip continued, an ambulance drove Steve to Providence St. Vincent, so neurologists could observe him, and try to determine what caused the stroke.
About 48 hours later, on Thursday, Steve still wore blue pajama pants and a less-than-cozy hospital gown. But his shoes stood nearby as he waited to be discharged. Even doctors were stunned by his swift recovery, his speech and memory restored.

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