Friday, May 25, 2012

Best part of waking up...

It's dangerous to accept blindly a blanket statement, so read the article with caveats such as "these results apply to the general population only."

Still, as a longtime coffee drinker, it's great to read how coffee reduces risk of stroke, new meta-analysis finds:
Presenting the results at the recent European Society of Hypertension ... European Meeting on Hypertension 2012, Dr. Lanfranco D'Elia (Federico II University of Naples, Italy) told heartwire: "The first message is that coffee intake is not associated with a higher risk of stroke," which he says is reassuring. "Second, the analysis showed that low to moderate intake—one to three cups of coffee per day—was associated with lower risk of stroke in the general population, across a wide range of countries, including some in Europe, the US, and Japan."
However D'Elia stressed that these results apply to the general population only and that findings with regard to coffee intake and risk in those with cardiovascular disease have been conflicting.
(Image from the U.S. Department of Agriculture)


Linda said...

No coffee for me! Seems to trigger headaches every time now.

Jeff Porter said...

Yes - for some, a known headache-maker.