Thursday, March 20, 2014

App might help with aphasia

My speech stopped then garbled on the day I had my stroke. It took me quite some time to get back close to normal,  thanks to speech therapists, family and friends.

Now, there's something that might help supplement speech therapy - a new app that puts speech therapy in patients' pockets:
Patients can use the app to practice matching pictures and associated words, according to Dr. Stephen Hughes, who helped build the app.
“So we’re looking at the kinds of things that they’re doing already with paper and pencil and saying, ‘Can we use the technology to help them manage that experience better?’” Hughes said.
The Name That! app isn’t meant to take the place of traditional treatment. Rather, the creators hope that it will supplement what speech therapists already do in sessions. Hughes and Burda are currently working on expanding the app’s simplistic design in order to fit more needs of aphasia patients.
I used some educational "toys" myself - really more suited to children learning English for the first time. But an app specifically tailored to people struggling with aphasia would be better. It's important to note that aphasia does not affect intelligence. The thoughts are there - aphasia causes difficulty in getting thoughts out.

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