Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mental decline concern? Time to take action

A scary thought: Mental decline often precedes a stroke, study finds:
"Low cognitive function is generally associated with poor neurological health and brain function. Worsening of neurological health can lead to several health problems with stroke being one of them," he explained.
Photo from the National
Institute on Aging
Previous research has shown that poor cardiovascular health can increase the risk of mental decline, but the researchers say this is the first study to show that mental decline can increase the risk of stroke.
The findings suggest that assessing seniors' memory and thinking skills could help identify those at risk for stroke, though the study only found an association between memory and stroke risk, without proving cause-and-effect.
I don't like to post scary stories that show no hope. And in the last paragraph in the above quite, there's some hope. It shows a need for "help identify those at risk for stroke." Identify those at risk, and you've got a chance to take some preventive action.

So, scary thought, but a chance to take action.

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