Thursday, September 25, 2014

Stroke signs and stroke centers

Knowing stroke signs is important - but what to do next is also vital.

A recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer offered a resource on finding stroke care. A primary stroke center must meet a certification standard that elevates patient care:
A primary stroke center is an acute-care hospital that meets certain criteria for delivering stroke care and adheres to practice guidelines designed to improve outcomes for patients with warning signs or symptoms of stroke.
If you or a loved one may be having a stroke, call 911 immediately and ask for transport to the nearest primary stroke center.
Click here for a map of stroke centers across the United States - sadly, only updated as of 2010. It's not the most user-friendly map. To see a map of stroke centers, click on the button labeled Map Options, choose the tab called Layers and choose the latest-available year of primary stroke centers.

You'll get a map similar to the image, and you can zoom in for more detail. As you can see, west of the Mississippi, they become sparse.

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