Thursday, November 27, 2014

'... Only God is here.'

Here then I am, far from the busy ways of men. I sit down alone; only God is here.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Today, I'm thankful of my times alone with God. Much of mine don't involving sitting, but rather running. In most places, there are lots of opportunities to run in groups. As a longtime runner, though, I like to run alone.

But not really alone. That's the time when I am away from the "busy ways of men" and find myself with God. When I pray, when I praise, when I worship. There are other times I do all these things, but today, I give thanks for those times when I'm alone with God.

 Have you found your times when you can sit down alone with only God? If so, when is that time? And if not - try it!


J.L. Murphey said...

When I'm on the toilet. It's the one place no one disturbs me.

Jeff Porter said...

Whatever works! :-)