Thursday, August 13, 2015

Got a few minutes? Could be that this is all you'll need

You don't have to do Olympic-level exercises to reduce your stroke risk.

Which is good news for me, since I'm past that.

I still run (relatively slowly) but according to some recent research, even a little exercise goes a long way for older adults:
Photo: U.S. Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention
The reduction in all-cause mortality was stronger for men than for women, Hupin's group noted, adding that there was a possibility that men may have overestimated their activity, or that women might have underestimated theirs.
"This protective effect appears dose-dependent and is already significant for a low dose of moderate to vigorous physical activity (or about 15 min per day), which is below current recommendations for older adults," they stated. "These results can guide future recommendations for older adults and may improve adherence to regular physical activity programs and thus their global health."
Exercise has previously been shown to offer a wide array of benefits to older adults.
Fifteen minutes of moderate activity a day is within reach for almost anyone. Check out the entire article, then go do your 15 minutes!

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