Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Today is the 20th anniversary of my own stroke

It was 20 years ago today – the day I nearly died.

You can click here to read some details about my stroke on May 8, 1998, or here to read more about my treatment.

To this day, I thank God for everyone who helped me survive that day.

I always approach my stroke’s anniversary with mixed feelings. As I’ve said before, this blog isn’t about me, but about faith and stroke awareness. So I try not to dwell on that anniversary every year.

I even gave a great deal of thought about retiring this blog today. I certainly have slowed down in my posts here. Life has the habit of getting in the way.

But instead, I’ve decided keep this blog around, at least for a time. No promises on how frequently I’ll post.

And again, it’s not really about me. So I invite you to share your own story in the comments.

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Jennifer Saake said...

I'm glad you are keeping your blog going! I semi-retired Stroke of Grace earlier this year. I was trying to juggle too many different blogs on too many different topics, so I created one new one that's about everything that makes up me, stroke, and God's grace through the journey are HUGE parts of my life. I'm no longer posting on the stroke - specific blog and have the last post directing to my new link. Happy / sad to be at the point of making this transition.
Praising God for your 20 years!