Tuesday, August 26, 2008

'John Doe,' stroke and aphasia

A few postings back, I recalled my bout with aphasia - which I believe still affects me, but only slightly.

Recent news broke about a man in Kansas City who was found suffering a stroke and coulddn't say his name. As reported by the Kansas City Kansan shortly thereafter:
The patient has suffered a stroke and suffers from Broca’s Aphasia, a disorder that affects speech. The man has told hospital officials that his first name is Greg or Gregory, but can’t provide any further information.
He was finally identified, according to The Kansas City Star. The Kansas City Fox TV station noted that the man was homeless - by choice, according to family - and faces rehabilitation at the Kansas University Hospital.

What is aphasia? You can find a definition by the National Aphasia Association. It can be a frightening and frustrating experience.

My own experience was, at the end, generally positive - with some speech therapy and some time, my speech skills in the main came back. A prayer goes out to this man in Kansas City for a positive outcome as well.

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