Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stroke clot-buster works as well in women as men

Good news that makes sense - the stroke clot-buster works as well in women as men:
Results from some studies have suggested that male stroke victims treated with tPA fare better than women, while others have suggested just the opposite. Until now, no systematic review had been done comparing the results of clot-buster treatment in men and women, according to the report in the medical journal Stroke.

Since January 2002, Dr. Pierre Marino and colleagues from Bichat University Hospital, Paris, have collected data on all stroke patients who were given injections of tPA at their center. In addition to analyzing these data, the team performed a systematic review of other published studies on this topic.

In general, the team found, there was little evidence that gender had any effect.
I was fortunate enough to receive tPA (tissue plasminogen activator). My physical recovery came fairly quickly, followed more slowly by my language-skill recovery. Once you've gone through it, you can see the value of receiving the proper treatment. TPA isn't right for everyone, which is why stroke patients need qualified care.

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