Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Video demonstrates role of exercise in stroke recovery

Through the new use of Twitter (click there to follow Stroke of Faith!) I found this video about the role of exercise in stroke recovery:
To recover from her TIA and head off a full-blown stroke, Helen enrolled in a year-long study of exercise and stroke recovery run by the Heart and Stroke Foundation Centre for Stroke Recovery. This video tells her story, and explains how exercise can help people recover from stroke.
A good video to share ...

And a second find from the same Centre for Stroke Recovery talks about the the importance of research into stroke recovery:
The best thing is to prevent stroke before it happens. The next best thing is to treat stroke quickly, before it can seriously damage the brain. This is easier said than done. Brain cells die quickly after stroke (which is why we often say “time is brain”). One effective treatment does exist – but most stroke patients don’t get to hospital soon enough to benefit from it. Even those who get the drug in time are often left with deficits.The vast majority of stroke patients rely on rehabilitation to provide them with an improved quality of life after stroke. This is why we urgently need to find better ways to help stroke survivors recover more quickly and more completely.

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