Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Senator continues stroke recovery

A U.S. senator made some news when he joined his colleagues last week as he continues stroke recovery. Therapy leads to senator's comeback after stroke:

(CNN) -- When U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk made his closely watched walk up the 45 Capitol steps Thursday, his progress was slowed more by all the well-wishers than by the fact that he had to re-learn how to walk this past year.
The 53-year-old Republican from Illinois suffered a massive stroke last January. He underwent three separate brain surgeries at Northwestern University Hospital. Then he started an intensive kind of physical therapy at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, including a nine-week long mobility study.
"It's impressive to watch him, especially when you have a guy who was so impaired when he began," said George Hornby, a research scientist and director of research for RIC's AbilityLab, the unique program which treated Kirk.

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