Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Stroke effects can last for years

I had a different type of stroke (blood clot kind) than those in this recent study, but by my own experience, the effects can last and fade away, even a decade after a stroke.

With certain strokes, effects can persist a decade later:
The study authors said people who survive a subarachnoid hemorrhage are at greater risk for lower quality of life and more health problems in addition to physical disability and depression.
"The implications for health care from our study are that aneurysmal [subarachnoid hemorrhage] patients need to be followed up and that support needs to be provided long term after the onset," the researchers said in the news release.
To this day, I feel like my speech is affected, but I also feel like that I can continue to make progress, even 15 (almost) years later.


J.L. Murphey said...

There were certain aspects of my stroke which were not realized until after a month stay in the hospital. Even today, almost 11 months after, I'm finding new things I've lost so recovery has been a ongoing battle between the initial stroke and getting back to a new normal with my body fighting against me in every way possible. I too had an ischemic stroke.

Aaron Pembroke said...

My son had an in-utero stroke (while still in the womb) and I generally am always thinking that things will get better or at the very least still stay the same. My site I started writing on it (kidswithstrokes.com) generally talks about things we do to get better. I guess it's a HOPE thing. I rarely think about what he is more likely to get now. So is he more likely to have another stroke or other things now? Maybe I'll do more research and post my findings on this next. I feel like it was a one time deal that happened during pregnancy by bad luck.