Thursday, September 12, 2013

'Polypill' approach might help in stroke prevention

I don't take many pills and grateful for that. Still, I forget one from time to time. I could see that for someone with a more complicated medication schedule, it's more critical to stay on schedule. I managed my mother's medications for a couple of years and, to a degree, can understand the concern.

Ran across an interesting story about the "polypill" approach - multiple heart disease medications rolled into one dose, and how heart patients more likely to take medication when in single pill:
One study shows that a number of stroke patients stop taking their pills within three months after having a stroke. A new study in Britain finds that if patients with heart disease can take a single pill instead of several pills, they are more likely to stay on their medication.
Of  course, stroke patients who stop taking their pills generally have a higher stroke risk. So perhaps the polypill will help prevent more strokes. And for an individual, one is too many.

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