Thursday, November 07, 2013

Low-T therapy may boost stroke risk

Unless you've been disconnected from television for the last five years, you've seen the marketing term: "low T" and countless commercials pitching testosterone therapy to men.

Recent research, though, might put a pause in deciding to start taking the medication, as testosterone medication may boost risk of heart attack, stroke, death:
The new research found that among 8,709 older men who were assessed for the possibility of blocked arteries, those taking testosterone were 30% more likely to suffer an adverse event -- a stroke, a heart attack or death.
"Our findings raise some uncertainty regarding the potential safety of testosterone use in men," concluded the authors, a group of physicians and epidemiologists in Colorado and Texas. While patients taking testosterone should not abandon the medication willy-nilly, they added, "it is important to inform patients that long-term risks are unknown and there is a possibility that testosterone therapy might be harmful."
At least, this raises questions to your doctor if you are considering testosterone therapy.

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