Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gout-causing uric acid might help in stroke treatment

Gout is painful, bad news. Gout is caused by uric acid, which can turn into crystals lodged in joints.

Now, though, the uric acid that causes gout might help stroke treatment. Recent research indicates that the gout culprit might help in stroke treatment:
Uric acid given along with thrombolytics in the first hours after an ischemic stroke showed a signal for improved recovery, a Spanish proof-of-concept trial showed.
The rate of near full recovery at 90 days was 39.3% with the powerful antioxidant compared with 33% on placebo instead, Angel Chamorro, MD, PhD, of the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, Spain, and colleagues reported here at the International Stroke Conference. ...
Uric acid has gotten a bad reputation as the culprit in gout, but it only causes problems when high concentrations crystallize out into joints over the longer term, Chamorro told MedPage Today.
Read the entire article for more info. I was a tPA recipient, which I believe improved my stroke outcome somewhat. Not everyone has the same outcome. If this development will improve more stroke outcomes, that's needed progress.

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