Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Women and stroke prevention guidelines

Women and men are different - in case you're wondering.

That is, there are specific differences that can mean strokes can impact those populations differently.

Check out this article on how women got their own stroke guidelines:
"It is very important that there is a specific stroke prevention guideline for women because we're not the same as 50% of the population," Dolora Wisco, MD, a neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic, told MedPage Today. "We have our own risk factors on top of the ones that are commonly seen out there."
Women are disproportionately affected by stroke; of an estimated 6.8 million people living in the U.S. after surviving a stroke, 3.8 million are women. In addition, stroke is the fifth leading cause of death for men, but third for women.
Read the article for some of the differences and review the guidelines, which focuses on stroke prevention.

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