Thursday, May 15, 2014

Know and share stroke symptoms - of course!

I haven't emphasized it this year, but May is Stroke Awareness Month in the United States. Personally, I think people should be aware of stroke signs and symptoms year round.

Still, there have been lots of stories published this month telling people it's important to know the signs of stroke:
Dr. Henry Woo and Dr. David Fiorella, co-directors of the Stony Brook University Cerebrovascular and Stroke Center, say the most important thing is to remember the FAST rules about stroke symptoms:
F -- face drooping
A -- arm weakness
S -- speech difficulty
T -- time to call 911
"Speed of treatment is crucial," said Woo, an endovascular neurosurgeon and professor of neurological surgery and radiology at Stony Brook's School of Medicine, in a university news release. "People are seeking treatment faster and, more critically, at the right place -- a health care facility that's been certified as a primary stroke center."
You can read more using the link above. And share this short but important message with others!

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