Tuesday, October 21, 2014

'To learn to be alone with God ...'

I have found silence to be a powerful element in prayer. To learn to be alone with God even in the presence of others is something we Christians should try to do. There are innumerable times during the day when we can turn our thoughts, even for a moment, from business affairs and center them on God’s goodness, Christ’s love, our fellow man’s needs.
-J. C. Penney

Not long ago, I received this quote from a ministry called The Ranch. an interesting take on a relationship with God from, of all people, the founder of the J.C. Penney Co.

Now, he's long gone, and the chain of stores has certainly has its ups and downs. But still, the quote speaks to me. We live in a hurry-up world that is full of noise, images, bright lights and so many other distractions. It's so easy to forget to find time to be alone with God.

But it's so important. One reason that I enjoy running and cycling is that it gets me away from so many distractions and gives me time to be alone with God.

Not into such things? Find your own time and place, as Penney said, in the middle of our bustling world.

Now, enjoy the Penney's reference in the video below - part of the second-funniest movie ever made - then make plans to have time alone with God!

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