Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What's important: Stories of survival

Today is World Stroke Day. Now, that doesn't mean a lot to me. Strokes don't keep a calendar, This blog is not part of a non-profit trying to raise profile or raise funding (both of which are needed and important, by the way).

But I did run across a Tampa Bay Times piece about the most important part of stroke awareness - people. Check out the link to read three stories of survival:
"I was having a perfect day and felt completely fine the second before my left side went out," she said.
Bedinghaus is like many Americans who have suffered a stroke and didn't see it coming.
Wednesday is World Stroke Day, and the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association of Tampa Bay use the day as an opportunity to encourage everyone to learn the warning signs of a stroke by using the acronym FAST:
Face drooping; Arm weakness; Slurred speech; and Time to call 911.

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