Thursday, March 31, 2016

Past routine therapy - brain stimulation via electrodes

Brain stimulation - perhaps a key to improving stroke recovery.

The more it's offered, recent research suggests, the better the recovery. In my own experience, I tried to do at least something every day as "brain stimulation" via reading, writing and other mental exercise. Now, they are talking about applying stimulation via electrodes. And the research indicates that brain stimulation after stroke aids recovery:
Stroke patients undergoing rehabilitation who receive repeated brain stimulation do better in terms of recovering movement than those who don't, a new study shows. ...
"Any technique that can be used to enhance the effects of a given dose of rehabilitation is important because rehabilitation is really expensive to deliver," study author Heidi Johansen-Berg, professor of cognitive neuroscience, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, told Medscape Medical News.
"This study shows that we can basically boost the effects of the dose, which has important implications for trying to ensure that patents reach their true recovery potential," she said.
Their results were published online March 16 in Science Translational Medicine.

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