Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Stroke survivor, ever stumble - either via feet or speech? That's not a crime

Stroke survivors are often misunderstood. And while I can't condone smoking, I can feel for the stroke survivor claims she was wrongly jailed for public intoxication:
Deana said she had just left a convenience store, where she purchased some beer and cigarettes and was headed back to her apartment.
For much of her walk home, Deana said she tried to remain on the sidewalk. But it starts and stops, and because she can’t balance on the grass, she said she was forced to step out into the bike lane.
But according to police, passersby saw her staggering in the middle of the road. They said a responding officer smelled the odor of alcohol. They also said Deana was carrying a six pack. Police said when she couldn’t explain where she lived, the officer arrested her for public intoxication.

Do you stumble or stumble over words? You, too, might be considered drunk when you're not. Those who have the power to arrest need to learn about conditions - life-threatening if the stroke is happening when they stop someone - that call for an ambulance, not an arrest.

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