Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mini-stroke can lead to a big problem - take it seriously

Take mini-strokes seriously - that's the bottom line of some interesting research. Read more how aggressive treatment of "mini-strokes" lowers risk for major stroke:
Better and faster use of secondary stroke prevention methods after transient ischemic attacks, or TIAs, helps reduce risk of additional strokes and death, according to researchers involved with an international study.
With the most aggressive care available, researchers at 21 sites around the world cut in half the risk of a second stroke among participants in the five-year study, which is published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
So don't just sit there - take action if you see the symptoms!

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Linda said...

Absolutely true. Get to the hospital when things are abnormal and have it checked out immediately. Then get the experts to do all they can to help you minimize the risks for stroke or heart attack!

I very recently had a dear friend pass away from a heart attack. She was out having lunch and started feeling unwell. She planned to go to the hospital but decided to go home and pick up a few things first. She never made it out of her apartment.