Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fascinating look at stroke results, recovery

A fascinating article - complete with videos - comes from a Canadian media outlet, how stroke survivors can experience 'bizarre' syndromes:
Every 10 minutes in Canada, someone suffers a stroke, and while the physical impacts are often obvious and familiar – a limp, or a paralyzed arm – equally devastating are the hidden, cognitive disabilities that can convince some people they’re losing their minds.
After decades of neglect, science is beginning to unravel the strange, but fascinating, neuropsychological syndromes that can occur when neurons die and the brain tries frantically to rewire lost connections – conditions that will increase as the population ages, because one of the single biggest drivers of stroke risk is age.
The articles runs through a half-dozen less common - but very real - stroke results that can change how people perceive our world and how they speak.

And it speaks to the real need for long-term therapy for stroke survivors. It quotes Dr. Dale Corbett, scientific director and chief executive officer of the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Centre for Stroke Recovery in Ottawa.
“The brain is so fascinating, and so complicated,” said Corbett.
With the right therapy, people will often continue to recover “long past what we would have normally expected.”

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J.L. Murphey said...

Very interesting article Jeff. The brain's reaction to an insult has always been an puzzle. Glad they are trying to quantify it.