Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Medication/lifestyle vs. angioplasty for stroke prevention

Preventing a stroke can prevent disability. Preventing a stroke can save a life.

So I thought a recent story on how a recent study found that medication, lifestyle changes are safer than an angioplasty procedure for some stroke patients:
In this study, patients with narrowed brain arteries took medication to reduce blood clots, and to lower blood pressure and cholesterol ― all risk factors for stroke.
They were encouraged to exercise, improve their diets and stop smoking.
Half of the study participants also underwent a surgical procedure known as stenting, in which a metal mesh tube is used to prop open the damaged artery.
The result: Those who used medication and lifestyle change combo fared better than those who had the angioplasty/stenting procedure. That means fewer strokes, fewer changes of disability, fewer risks of premature death.

As anyone who's read this blog knows, despite the fact that I had my own medical procedure, I'm a believer that exercise and managing known stroke risks are some of the keys to stroke prevention.

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