Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another study confirms need for stroke awareness

Have you had a stroke? Know someone who has?

Then you probably already know the problem. People aren't aware of stroke signs and are not quick enough to react. Here's a snippet from a article about a recent study, showing how awareness of stroke symptoms can improve recovery:

A new study shows most stroke patients don't think they're having a stroke, and as a result don't get medical attention until their condition gets worse.

Researchers studied 400 patients who were diagnosed at Minnesota's Mayo Clinic emergency department with two different kinds of strokes. Only 42 percent thought they were having a stroke and most didn't even go to the emergency room when the symptoms appeared.

So remind those around you of the stroke symptoms - here they are from the American Stroke Association. And when you see the symptoms, act quickly. Here's another link from the National Stroke Association.

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