Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leaves football but not stroke awareness

Tedy Bruschi has an amazing and inspiring story - veteran linebacker for the new England Patriots, a stroke survivor who came back and played the game again, announced his retirement not long ago.

His retirement, that is, from professional football, but not the even more important task - promoting the cause of stroke awareness. From the Boston Herald:
“To see someone go through it the way he did was really inspirational,” said Katie Jerdee, 22, a stroke survivor and soccer player at Northeastern University. “People could see it happens to young people and they can overcome it and they can return to what they were doing before,” added Jerdee, who raised $10,000 for stroke awareness running two Boston Marathons on Tedy’s Team.

The 36-year-old linebacker announced his retirement yesterday, after 13 seasons with the Patriots [team stats]. Bruschi suffered a stroke in February 2005 and went on to play four more seasons and to champion the cause of stroke awareness through legislative lobbying, public service campaigns and a book, “Never Give Up.”
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