Monday, March 01, 2010

Yes, strokes can happen to the below-45 crowd

Strokes are increasing among young:
A total of 7.3% of stroke victims were younger than age 45 in 2005, up from 4.5% in 1993, says Brett M. Kissela, M.D., of the University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute.

The most likely culprits: rising rates of obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes -- the major risk factors for stroke -- among younger people, Kissela tells WebMD.

The average age of stroke patients dropped from 71 in 1993 to 68 in 2005, he says.
 Mine happened at age 39, and I'm not alone. More and more people of that age bracket are suffering strokes. Mine was apparently caused by a small hole between my upper heart chambers, allowing a small clot to pass from one side to another and to my brain.

Most of the factors blamed are preventable - so pay attention to stroke prevention.

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