Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Important to start rehab early

The research was set to compare the location of stroke-recovery rehabilitation - home or elsewhere.

The best part of the story saying at-home stroke rehab program as effective as outpatient training, though, had nothing to do with where, but with when. Experts recognized that that timing is really the important factor. It's important to get into rehab as soon as possible:

The learning platform did not matter nearly as much as the intervention’s timing, Pamela Duncan, Ph.D., reported at the International Stroke Conference. Patients who began to relearn walking 2 months after their stroke with the locomotor or home-based program progressed faster than did those randomized to the standard care of locomotor therapy beginning 6 months after their stroke.

"Patients recover faster and sustain recovery when the intervention is given early," she said.

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