Thursday, October 11, 2012

Aphasia advocate's story

I'll never forget one stroke story I heard some years ago - long before my own stroke.

The newspaper editor was at a meeting and was leaving when he turned and spoke to someone. He - and everyone else within earshot - heard nothing but gibberish. Classic aphasia for a stroke patient.

My good old Google alert found a story of another stroke survivor recovering from aphasia:
The first month after my stroke I was told I would never walk again or be able to use my left arm. I sat in my wheelchair and cried. Today, I would say I am 99 percent of the woman I was before my stroke due to the therapy I was able to receive. Because of that, it’s important that I stand and fight to help others just like me.
Click on the link and read her entire story, but one phrase stands out for me - "due to the therapy I was able to receive."

In my own recovery, I'm convinced that speech therapy was an important part of bringing back my abilities to read, write and speak. So if you've recovered some abilities - even if it's below her 99 percent - look for ways to support others who are in their own struggle. You can make a serious difference in someone's life.

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