Thursday, June 06, 2013

Stroke network leads to better outcomes

A story worth following - a stroke network leads to better outcomes:
Stroke care networks save lives and reduce the need for long-term care, a study of one of the largest and longest operating networks confirmed.
The networks are designed to integrate the delivery of stroke treatment across regions to optimize the chances that patients will receive timely, evidence-based therapies even if they don't live near a designated stroke center.
"After the stroke network was introduced there were clear improvements in the quality of stroke care," Kapral told MedPage Today. "More patients were treated with optimal stroke care interventions, such as thrombolysis, including clot-busting drugs, and stroke-unit care."
Here in the U.S., I've seen too many examples of uncoordinated care.

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J.L. Murphey said...

A stroke network does many things. You are not alone in your struggle. You keep informed because as you say treatment varies.You also see/meet others who are worse off than you to keep you focused. You can communicate your needs and want, and receive positive feedback from others who have traveled in your shoes.