Thursday, October 03, 2013

Stroke recovery with an iPad

Back about 15 years ago, I used a educational toy called a Geo Safari to help me bring back some language skills after my stroke, in addition to speech therapy.

Now, moving 15 years to the present, current stroke survivors can use even cooler technology. I ran across one story how a support group uses iPads to help stroke survivors regain function:
"The applications are on my laptop," [Suzanne] Hill said. "I'm on it most of the time. There are 15 applications that I can use. I just enjoy it so much. There's no chore to any of this for me."
Indeed, some of the apps are games, such as Scrabble or connect-the-dots. Some resemble putting the user back in an elementary school classroom, such as viewing a picture of a dog, then selecting the letters from an alphabet jumble to spell d-o-g.
"I have limitations on my right side," Hill acknowledged. "My right hand is not so flexible, (but) my typing skills are coming back."

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