Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Orange Popsicles and stroke awareness

This summer, when the weather gets hot, I think I'll have an orange Popsicle.

I ran across this quirky story about a stroke survivor whose one of her early phrases in recovering speech was "orange Popsicle."

You can also check out the video below on how a couple sends out a hopeful message to stroke survivors, one Popsicle at a time:
But with her new husband, Jonny, by her side, she began to beat the odds. First, she began moving her pinky finger and eventually began trying to talk again.
“She said, ‘I love you. Orange Popsicle,’” Jonny remembered. “And she kept saying that, ‘Orange Popsicle, orange Popsicle,’ all through rehab, ‘I want an orange Popsicle.’”
Amy’s Popsicle craving was a silver lining in an otherwise very dark time. It was a symbol of her progress and is now one of support.
The couple launched National Orange Popsicle Week a few years ago to raise money and awareness for other young stroke survivors and their families. They want people to know strokes can affect anyone, young and old.

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