Tuesday, June 03, 2014

'Dangerously uninformed' about stroke

May was Stroke Awareness Month, and despite many efforts and many years, people are still generally unfamiliar with stroke symptoms and what do do about them.

So please, share this information about stroke and what do do about them:
“The public is dangerously uninformed about what stroke is, and what the signs and symptoms of stroke are, as well as the risk factors,” Jim Baranski, C.E.O. of the National Stroke Association, told Reuters Health.
Stroke is a brain attack, occurring when vital blood flow and oxygen to the brain are cut off or greatly reduced.
The National Stroke Association suggests using the word FAST to help recognize the signs of a stroke. F stands for Face: ask the person to smile, and see whether one side of the face droops. A stands for Arms: if both arms are raised, does one drift to the side? S stands for Speech: is it slurred, or strange? And T stands for Time: don’t waste time before calling 911 if someone has started to show any of these signs.
Are stroke treatments perfect? No. Are the techniques to aid recovery guaranteed? Again, no. And we can't lose sight of that and continue efforts on those fronts.

But - when stroke signs are recognized and the person gets help as soon as possible, are the odds of recovery much better? YES. Remember that.

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