Tuesday, April 05, 2016

People, like cats, often ignore the obvious

We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade, the presence of God.
-C.S. Lewis
Our family cats ignore us much of the time. Cats are like that.

C.S. Lewis
I suspect they know we provide food, water, shelter and the like, but simply choose to ignore us because unless they happen to be hungry or thirsty, we aren't worth their time.

However, they cannot evade us forever. We control what they eat, their comfort and their water supply. If need be, we can pick them up and move them. It might take some effort, but we can eventually win out. And if nothing else, we're present in their lives most of the time.

People and God, it seems, are like that, too. We're famous for ignoring God. We get busy on doing something else and turn away. We set some priorities that exclude paying attention to God.

But, like the cats and the owners, we can't evade God. His presence is there, whether we pay attention or not.


betty.camp said...

CS Lewis always hit the nail on the head. He did it with this quote.

Jeff Porter said...

I love to read (or listen through audio books) Lewis' work. It never gets old.