Thursday, November 17, 2016

America's Stroke Belt and stroke risk factors

Do you live in the "Stroke Belt," or generally the southern/southeastern United States, plus Indiana?

Stroke risk factors - which we've talked about lately, are a big part of the problem. And strokes can hit young people, too, especially in the Stroke Belt. I ran across this story from Memphis about an unlikely stroke victim:
She blacked out. When she came around, her left side was going numb.
"I am looking at the my legs saying walk and nothing happened," she recalled.
This 28-year-old was having a stroke.
"It's not supposed to happen to young people is what I thought. My grandmother had a stroke and she is 80 plus yeas old."
"Stroke is more common in the elderly, but in reality, it's an equal opportunity mischief-maker," said Dr. Marc Malkoff, a Professor of Neurology at University of Tennessee Health Science Center.
(Map from Wikimedia Commons)

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