Thursday, March 03, 2016

If nothing else, this story could be a stroke prevention reminder

I don't know what to make of this - could daylight saving time increase your risk of stroke?:
"Looking at over a decade of stroke data, we saw a temporary increase in stroke incidence after daylight saving time transitions," Ruuskanen told CBS News. "Although from an individual point of view, this small increase in stroke risk we see in a population level is probably not a major issue, the study emphasizes the importance of sleep disturbances as a risk factor for stroke."
There was no difference in stroke risk after two days.
This year, clocks will "spring forward" for daylight saving time on Sunday, March 13.
I can't believe that changing clocks are causing strokes. It has to be something else. The research doesn't isolate a cause, just an interesting possible correlation.

Still, let this be a reminder about engaging in stroke prevention - just follow this link to more about that.

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