Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aphasia patients can improve long after stroke

I wasn't exactly a "senior" when my stroke happened, but I did suffer with aphasia, affecting my reading and speaking. It took therapy and time to bring me back to a somewhat previous level.

So I was interested in the small item about a study looking how therapy can help long after a stroke. My own speech abilities showed improvement long after, even without therapy. Here's a link to the story about how therapy can still benefit older, long-time aphasia sufferers, study shows:
"We have shown that language therapy has a positive impact even long time after stroke, and not only on language but also on general cognition, as shown by the positive changes in the default network," said researcher Ana Ines Ansaldo in a statement. "My hope is that these findings will change clinical attitudes towards seniors who suffer from language disorders, by providing intensive, specific and focused stimulation for these patients."
The study appears in the journal Brain and Language.

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