Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Walking linked to fewer strokes in women

I've espoused exercise for years. Now, new research added more strength to the argument for exercise, especially among women. This story reports that walking is linked to fewer strokes in women:

"The message for the general population remains similar: regularly engaging in moderate recreational activity is good for your health," lead author José María Huerta of the Murcia Regional Health Authority in Spain told Reuters Health.
Past studies have also linked physical activity to fewer strokes, which can be caused by built-up plaque in arteries or ruptured blood vessels in the brain.
... Women who walked briskly for 210 minutes or more per week had a lower stroke risk than inactive women but also lower than those who cycled and did other higher-intensity workouts for a shorter amount of time.
Be sure to click on the link above and check out the whole story.

Walking is cheap and easy exercise for most, and is a great way to start an exercise regimen. You can start at the distance, time and speed that is comfortable, and move from there. And as always, if you're starting an exercise program, check with your health professional first!

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